What is VulkanRT/Vulkan Run Time Libraries?

There is a high chance that while strolling through your PC you come across an application program folder named VulkanRT (Vulkan Run-Time Libraries).

No need to worry as it is not a spam, malware or virus that may affect your computer. It is usually found in Windows computers installed under the Program Files (in the folder path shown on the picture above).

Many people worry about this software and ask if it’s a good idea to remove it or not. There are some false claims on the Internet that VulkanRT is a malware program with its purpose to hijack your browser. This is not true at all.

I don’t know if there are any malicious hijack programs that come bundled with other software packages and “impersonate” the legitimate VulkanRT name. One thing is sure: The original software is not harmful at all.

Is VulkanRT a Virus?

The answer is NO, this is not a virus. Vulkan RT is almost always installed by default on Windows Computers.

What is Vulkan RunTime Libraries a.k.a VulkanRT

VulkanRT (Vulkan Runtime Libraries) is a low overhead cross-platform computer graphics API. Vulkans aim is to provide more direct control over the GPU and lower CPU usage. Basically, it’s there to improve performance in 3D applications such as video games and interactive media. VulkanRT helps distribute the workload evenly across a multi-core CPU in addition to lower CPU usage.

VulkanRT is referred to as the next generation of OpenGL but it isn’t a total replacement. VulkanRT is derived from AMD’s Mantle API. This API was donated by AMD to Khronos to aid them in creating a standardized low-level API.

VulkanRT features are similar to Direct3D 12, Metal and Mantle. Unlike Direct3D 12 though, VulkanRT works with multiple operating systems and has third-party support for iOS and MacOS.

VulkanRT should be removed if it is malware in disguise

If you saw the program on your machine which is operating normally without stuttering or freezing – ignore it and continue normal operation if the PC.

However, if your computer is experiencing trouble, make sure you scan your machine with security software and remove VulkanRT virus immediately. Be aware that malware can block the operation of security software. Thus, we recommend booting your computer in Safe Mode with Networking as explained below.

Security researchers[3] do not recommend manual VulcanRT removal. Trojan horses are complicated and extremely hard to eliminate (they modify a bunch of settings on the system which are quite difficult to detect, especially for regular computer users).

How Did Vulkan Runtime Get Installed on My PC?

If you’ve recently installed new graphics drivers for your NVIDIA or AMD graphics card, and you’re just now noticing VulkanRT, then the program likely got installed when you updated your drivers.

Or, if you’ve upgraded to a newer graphics card, it’s likely that you installed VulkanRT when you installed your new GPU’s drivers.

Furthermore, if you’ve downloaded a new game, it’s possible that you added VulkanRT when you downloaded that game.

Also, a lot of games utilize Vulkan and there are even certain games that require it to play.

So, if Vulkan Runtime Libraries has recently appeared on your computer, it’s likely because it came with something new that you have recently added.

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