Bluechew Pills Chewing And Effects: Is Bluechew Legit?

I have recently begun taking Tadalafil Bluechew, and I can see a difference in how easily I can get turned on by things. When I was out at clubs and saw hot guys, I used to think “oh they’re hot” and not think much more of it. Now when I see a guy who’s just my type, I start to feel an erection brewing in my pants, sometimes leaking a little precum too.

It can be a little annoying at times, because I’m not always in the right place/mood to be cruising for action, but I do feel sexually liberated and more confident because I know I’ll be okay if I unexpectedly get some action! I don’t have time to go diving into another steamy fuckboy story, but let’s just say that the tadalafil 6mg Bluechews has helped me to perform multiple, multiple times on the go.

By the way, if you are one of my straight readers you might want to check out this post which has a Bluechew Reviews from a straight perspective.

Is Bluechew Legit?

Bluechew makes you fill out a health assessment that is assessed by a real doctor in Chicago, IL. These are “no prescription Viagra” because you do need to be given a prescription via the internet. It’s mostly the sort of questions that you’d expect them to ask – they mostly want to check that you’re not mixing these pills with anything dangerous. You can talk to the Bluechew medical staff if you have any worries; they seem to be very helpful.

Chewing it and the effects

The tablet is about the size of a dime. It’s not the tastiest thing in the world, but it’s not bad either. It’s a bit like a chewable vitamin or candy. There is some sugar/flavoring to improve the taste, but I guess it would taste gross without it.

By the way, they mention on their website that chewing these pills makes them take effect much faster in comparison to ED pills that you swallow since it’s absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream.

With Viagra, for example, I have to wait about 30 minutes after taking it to see the effects, but with Bluechew I’m 100% rock hard in 15 minutes.

​It might not seem like that much of a time difference, but if sex happens spontaneously the 15 minutes faster is a perk. Since each bluechew is individually packaged they’re easy to take on the go too, and I could see myself storing these in my wallet next to where I usually keep my condoms.

Once I start having sex on bluechew, I can keep going without any worry of losing an erection. Everything feels more intense, it’s the kind of erection I used to only get from being with an insanely hot partner or a threesome.

I’m not sure this would be good for treating premature ejaculation though, because it doesn’t delay ejaculation for me. ​ However, within a few minutes after cumming I can get right back up for round 2, so assuming your partner isn’t already completely worn out by round 1, it’s much easier to keep them satisfied.

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