Buy The Best Fitness Tracker 2019 For You

The whole catalog of fitness-centric tech products have seen immense demand over the past few years, but the most sought after way to track your daily activities seems to be the fitness bands. In India, we have fitness bands ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 30,000 and the market for such products is growing.

While brands like Xiaomi have some dependable products like the Mi Band at unbelievably low costs, the segment is still dominated by known names like Garmin, Fitbit, and TomTom.

A fitness tracker is the best way to monitor your health and activity without having to pay too much attention to it. It can constantly measure your vitals, quality of sleep and step count effortlessly and accurately. The differentiating factor that’s used to judge a fitness band is its accuracy and usability.

In India, the fitness band market is filled with amazing devices, where almost all of them can do a fair job tracking basic activities. But we are only interested in the best, and here are the 2019 best fitness bands for your fitness needs.

Fitness trackers cover a wide market, from beginner units that never need to charge to more advanced models that track your oxygen levels as you sleep. The best fitness tracker for most people is the Fitbit Charge 3. It’s lightweight, boasts a long battery life, and offers smartphone notifications in addition to fitness tracking. It’s also very affordable. We have plenty of alternatives for anyone who doesn’t fancy the Fitbit, whether you’re seeking a bit more in terms of features, prefer a hybrid, or have a limited budget.

Fitbit Versa

Swapping out the Versa band isn’t as easy as some other Fitbit models we’ve seen. You’ll need fingernails to push the tiny pin down and back to get the strap-free. Even with fingernails, we struggled for a good five minutes to get it off.

Aside from the band-swapping issue, the Versa is the perfect blend of fitness tracker and smartwatch. You can check texts, calls, and notifications while eyeing the heart rate monitor as you jog down the sidewalk.

There’s not much you can’t do with the Fitbit Versa. You’ll be able to track the basics, including steps, distance, calories, and floors climbed. Some other perks include health tracking, sleep tracking, and 24/7 heart rate monitoring. It also provides you with 15 exercise modes to choose from, like biking, running, swimming, and even yoga.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

When you want to be able to cover your bases with your fitness tracker without breaking the bank in the process, you’ll love the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. A definite improvement from the Mi Band 3, this new version sports a clear color screen that’s easy to read and navigate. More importantly, it offers a satisfying list of tracking abilities and other features that are hard to find at this price point.

You’ll be able to choose from up to six workout modes, which include running, treadmill running, cycling, walking, pool swimming, and a general “exercise” workout mode. The swim tracking is on point, with the ability to recognize swim styles such as freestyle, butterfly, and backstroke. It also records other data sets, like swimming pace and stroke count.

Other than that, you’ll have an extensive 20-day battery life, sleep tracking, and all-day heart rate monitoring. It might not be a smartwatch, but at this price point, it’s difficult to complain about this powerful little tracker. Click on the link Internet of Things Magazine for more products reviews and buying guide.

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